Hypnosis is done without people noticing

The psi-genes excretion
Supposed clairvoyance contributed significantly to the collection, hunting lifestyle pursuing men. The hunter, who carried the game from long distance, had a greater chance of survival. This indicates that these genes excreted psi. Therefore, concentration, hunting periods, a psi genes increased. The transition to agriculture, this restriction reduced secretion. A man of high culture to some extent lost genes psi, while Australian natives, or Kalahari Bushmen still have the ability of clairvoyance. Only cultures have survived in large numbers of people with psi-gene, which does not seek the paranormal abilities. The North American Indians, for example, these skills have been observed. Europe, the Middle Ages were persecuted those women who had a psi-genes and the burning of witches in the population them. Turan Rifat believes that European men are more psi-gene could be found today, such as women.

The Hypnosis that is done without people noticing and knowing anything about it.
It is a technique (sleep-wake hypnosis), which allows to transmit telepathically hypnotist hypnotic commands to the target, either a few feet or thousands of miles there. Albert Ignatenko of Ukraine in a television show has proven that it can be raised or lowered him in a remote area of a person’s pulse. This is “The World of Paranormal Paul McKenna” program presented experiment (RI, remote influencing) the basis for hypnosis. The psi-abilities affect a person’s ability to influence another person through clairvoyance of neurons. This can be more effective than the American National Security Agency (NSA) electronic control devices in microwave mind.
The allows, for example, working with the exchanges to brokers consciousness while working affect. These biophysical impacts are in principle available to all people. If these skills are many people manage to grow and become more efficient, which can be a threat to to New World Order, the ruling class.
In the private sector, and the observation
The population of the electronic equipment used to monitor the development of the private sector is gradually disappearing. Turan Rifat mentioned here the example of his own, and housing for the phone listening devices placed there to observe, and MI-5 team systematically searched when you are not home. The city of Brighton is full of video cameras that are connected with the police. The police in England created an underground system is an important command center. The e-mail and faxes are monitored regularly.
Organic and clairvoyance, but do check checkers. In this context, organic RV / RMCT can be interpreted with the help of which you can put the population under surveillance authorities. The United States and Great Britain, the government agencies to use electronic RMCT internal “subversion” against the elements. The biophysical RMCT is, however, if made known technique and is quite spread, every citizen can use the new system of domination and control of servers by.
This causes the authorities to restrict the public is properly informed about the biophysical level (RV – Remote Viewing) and (RI – Remote steering). This is the reason why multiplied RV / RI companies “retired” military control of personnel, because this is one of the most important means to ensure that organic RV / RI “know-how” of the symbolic is not from the civilian population . At present RMCT biophysical research and the acquisition is not prohibited by law. This area continues to be a leading Russian scientists, and seems to be the future held for military purposes.
The above has stated that and clairvoyance as the body and to other people, so this will be the direction of healing and health as a whole. But the European Union, for example. provisions prohibiting the already limited number of alternative treatments and therapies, primarily as vitamins, herbs and prevention. It should also be heralded be considered in the future. It may be that would be considered illegal, unless one is beta-level thinking, and only a select few may be right that the psi-abilities that allow theta level. The of clairvoyance and remote mind control science and technology is still very young but very dynamic and cannot be excluded that in the XXI. century, becoming one of the dominant factors.


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