Hypnotized two people without no one knowing in chemistry

The cat brain tissue studies revealed that the binding of calcium ions to the affected areas of the neuron weak hypnotize someone without them knowing electromagnetic fields. These fields have a frequency and amplitude were similar to those fields, which can be found in mammals, and observed. Dr Adey showed that a field 147 MHz, which is the brain at the level of 0,8 milliwatts per square centimeter intensity represents the irradiated brain tissue leading to calcium ions to forgive, and move. This phenomenon was only observed when the ELF substrate width modulated microwave 6-20 was up. The maximum stimulation occurred at 16.
Waveform similar to the microwaves used in a U.S. research facility C. S. Blackman, who is now a global system of total assets RMCT dealt with theory. Recorded a number of parameters of microwave radiation. The most potent effect of radiation 0,75 /cm2 found in neurons activated because of the greater amount of calcium efflux. Adey Blackman repeated experiments and confirmed that the 450 Mherz and microwave carrier – the width of the employer 16 Hertz ELF wave unit – in a range between 0.1 and 1 milliwatt/cm2. Found that these parameters have the greatest effect electromagnetic activated hypnotize someone without them knowing calcium efflux in neurons. Other parameters are not induced electromagnetic response. Further observation was that the frequency and amplitude similar responses of the brain to either stimulated or mitigated. Given that neurons influence of electromagnetic fields, such as electro-magnetic sheath surrounding the body can also influence brain function. This is the mechanism that extremely low frequency effects of microwave emission of calcium in neurons, but as a side effect of long-term and short-term amplifies the effect of neurons to remember hypnotize someone without them knowing.
Electronic Strategic Arms
Turan Rifat believes that it was inevitable for such knowledge in the service of military and intelligence interests, claims, electronic and weapons systems development RMCT hypnotize someone without them knowing. British scientists believe that these weapons can be divided into many types. The easiest way is to use a low-intensity microwaves, ie, 10.000 microwatts per square centimeter, which is a warm feeling for the target points of the body, in areas where poor blood flow, such as the eyes and hypnotize someone without them knowing Microwaves heat the tissue in which there is no blood flow, which could remove the excess heat. The victim does not feel anything, but acute and chronic diseases that occur in these areas. Western intelligence agencies have used this technology to disable permanently the ‘subversive elements’ that may otherwise not be discouraged. When using ELF-modulated microwaves should be different brainwave patterns melody. These response units (sets Friday) is called, and the body of all mechanical movements also exist for these brain waves hypnotize someone without them knowing.
So there are specific stimulation to enhance the opportunities available only to specific emotional state.


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