Induce covert trance states in political systems

In the former Soviet Union for decades conducting research on genes psi Trance state inductions. KGB agents were instructed to gather the people who have paranormal abilities that allow them to convert parapsychological research. America in the 1960s, but started working in this direction, and research in the “new age” phenomena based methods, both in the field of biophysical phenomena not Trance state inductions achieve a breakthrough, because the “new age” thinking, has prevent the scientific approach. Trance state inductions done covertly indeed since 1995, made towards biophysics RMCT. This turning point in disguising the CIA issued a misleading statement that the United States had stopped RMCT related biophysical experiments done covertly indeed .
Turan Rifat concluded that there are primary and secondary psi-genes. The primary psi-genes are those which enhance the ability RMCT-specific genes (behave as biophysical data) done covertly indeed, and other phenomena where a biophysical process, storage and utilization detected. The secondary psi-genes are those that facilitate the integration of bio-physical entity, which is genetically determined neural networks for richer and superior function of the nervous system to connect with the biophysical energy made in secret. It appears, therefore, that some of the natural human body generators operate the same psi and is able to store energy.
The latent clairvoyant abilities enabled are secret weapons so to say
Are known to be places for the first time. Later he was less known sites within
Turan Rifat examined in detail the psychic phenomenon that is present in two places at once. At the same time, you can practice the physical sensation and perception. This dramatic consequences, because it means that the human brain and biophysical implications separated from each other to acquire knowledge of the outside world done covertly indeed .
DNA and hypnosis
(DNA, or deoxyribonucleic acid in the nucleus, the chromosomes in one of the most important in the control of protein synthesis in the raw material, which is critical for heirs. DJs)
Neurophysiologist Dr. Gerald Edelman developed the theory of neural Darwinism. Therefore, in the context of natural selection neurons compete, and the process of secretion of nerve cells form a network neuron groups, which have the capability of detecting the primary. This process is developed through repetition of the highest order of consciousness that leads to human intelligence. Subject dr. Ross Adey already mentioned the results of the survey, which also conclude that the brain is able to think and biophysical implications. But these biophysical effects on field emission of calcium formed of neural character can interact with the brain, a synergistic manner. (The synergy of various factors affecting each of the joint, but variable effect of different phenomena occur in some organisms survive the situation. DJs) The and out of body experience research suggests that the biophysical field effects, a high level consciousness.


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