Try to hypnotize someone without anyone noticing

The hypnosis script to use on strangers without them knowing is ever more powerful. The protocol used here Allen Barker IT sense, and the methods, procedures, successive steps in the sequence and the corresponding specifications indicate. The protocol assumes the existence of a partner with external connection channel at the other end, you want to identify a person. In practice, if the victim is already realized in the outer channel is at the other end “operator friendly”. According to Barker, the protocol that is the way the “friendly manager” identity of the target for channel information for its existence, of course induce trance on the subject of hypnosis, supposedly “no.”
If anyone has a direct visual, auditory, tactile relationship with one person, then this protocol compliance – contact action in the making – an easy task. Suppose an individual speech sounds. The protocol, which is the goal planned for hypnosis of the person should consider. Optional something else, what can be disclosed without attracting attention. Then you have to wait five seconds for a response. Or listen with thinking, or do not, and either respond to it or not? In this case, the channel-specific information related to a person. Visual contact in case a similar situation where understood that “hold up three fingers.” This protocol serves as listen to the radio in real time, time in the same way.
Is it possible in a purely “external” Identifying messages, visual, auditory, tactile and touch each other a “psychic” contact and find out how to hypnotize someone without them knowing. This applies to all who can hear the thoughts of the target and send a reply to him. Just need a pocket computer, and a partner at the other end of the channel information. In step with the proviso that the question means “what the cosine of 1999?” If the operator does not return a response, or your ignorant hypnotize someone without them knowing, or a conspiracy. There are a number of other possibilities, but the point is a cryptographic (encrypted) authentication is used, which can be sent and received – a purely “external” – a sign of recognition.

hypnotize someone



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