Hypnptize the person secretly

This is a time-hypnosis secretly, that only professionals can do. A doctor was called Rausch, who many years ago, before use – no, not hypnosis, but the narcosis. Anesthesia Rausch “stick” method has occurred. Even with him. The patient lost consciousness, and while “there” was performed at surgery. The session is called  begins. During a conversation, a psychotherapist takes the same position as you are. If you realize this, you have no sense of the sequel. However, if you do not notice, your posture after the secret hypnotist begins to adjust your . Or adjust your breathing to your, or the rhythm of your breathing starts to move a body part, for example, to start your hands when you’re only going to talk about the done. Why not just and breathe? Because the words spoken by expiration. If the psychotherapist is your says something you can easily develop the illusion as if your inner speech. How do you get the rhythm of the patient, the psychotherapist a while “following”, but he has “leadership” passing. For a while, go with the two breaths, then slowly change the hypnotist begins breathing rhythm. If the patient also change it, means that “follow”, then the physician feedback has been achieved. Continuing with the “leadership” of the psychotherapist-inducing trans begins. Asks a voice when something unexpected, maybe a bit stupid question, get a little embarrassed and leads the patient to ask for help visual memory. For example, “What kind of clothing was a private New Year’s Eve?” or “What was the last in the hands of a bill U.S. $ 10,000?”. This patient is most likely to side and slightly up in terms of price, which refers to the study of visual memory. Then the hypnotist first sight quite insignificant phrases begin to “soak rice” begins a story, and then things slowly weaving related, such as whether the patient has the freedom of the sea, the beach and just lay on the warm sand. He felt more and more relaxed the body of your secretly hypnotizing behaviour. Looking to the skies, mild dizziness seized him and circled the dream inducing a trance state without the person knowing. The sun hurt his eyes, closed his eyes and was … It was as if he were still in the water and there is a fish floating lazily over, I thought “I wonder if the fish can experience the relaxation and the feeling of falling into a trance without them knowing?”.


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